Srijan Sanchar is a leading organization in the field of innovation, covering the entire continuum from creativity to entrepreneurship. There are a number of innovations, to its credit, in the fields of training, manufacturing, quality, packaging, solar energy, material handling, urban transport, and much more. We have organized more one hundred workshops on creativity and innovation for planners, engineers, architects, designers, advertisers, teachers, and managers. Our focus has been to enable organizations to move up the value chain through research and innovation helping in the development of new products and services. We aim at accelerating the process of implementing ideas by keeping entrepreneurship at the core, supported on two pillars: collaboration with universities/colleges and a networked incubator Srijan Samarthan.

Our services


Planning  and  conducting  workshops on creativity and innovations


Multiple potential assessment and development of human resources and organizations


Preparation of strategic roadmap for becoming a world class organization

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Innovation Challenges

Nagpur First is a prominent NGO, based at Nagpur with a basic idea to help, support and contribute towards the city’s growth and development. To achieve its goal of growth and development, Nagpur First and ‘Srijan Sanchar’ are organizing an innovation challenge for five different problem/opportunity areas of Nagpur. The challenge plans to crowd source innovative and practical ideas from individuals, students, researchers, industry and institutions. This would be one of the first of its kind city based innovation challenge.


Internships play a crucial role in the lives of MBA graduates and is a quintessential part. Not only it acts as a sneak peak into the real corporate world, but it also helps to lay the foundation for one’s career. With covid-19 coming into picture, many students weren’t able to access the internships and couldn’t experience the much needed journey.

With support from our associates, Srijan Sanchar launches a special virtual internship program for MBA students.

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What else we provide?


Product design and process innovation consultancy


Connecting solution seekers to problem solvers

Srijan Samarthan

Who we are?

  • SRIJAN SANCHAR has set up a networked incubator SRIJAN SAMARTHAN
  • SRIJAN SAMARTHAN develops further ideas of entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs/promoters who do not have time or other resources for pursuit of ideas, at selected institutions of learning
  • This incubator will help the academic institution in identification of faculty and student teams to work on ideas(products or services) proposed by the enterprises


       Enabling organizations to develop New products and services!

  • New products and services development is  an organizational imperative
  • For organizations, new product /services development is difficult due to inadequate capabilities
  • The incubator arranges for the human resources required for developing ideas into prototypes of products or services, at identified academic institutions
  • Cost effective way to develop new products /services for innovator/intrapreneur/entrepreneur/enterprise
  • Since students develop proof of concept /prototype, they become potential hires for the enterprise.


The following renowned and experienced resource persons are associated with Srijan Samarthan. .
  • Anamika Prasad
  • O P Miglani
  • D P Sharma
  • N K Jawa
  • Ashutosh Paturkar
  • Alok Kumar
  • Ajay Dhawangle
  • Ashish Patel
  • Naresh Kumar
  • Rajesh Rathi
  • Sudhir Paliwal
  • Dr Surekha Jickhar
  • Dr Veni Mathur
  • Dr Prashant Kadu
  • Anushree Shrivastava

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Srijan Sanchar

Srijan Sanchar along with Srijan Samarthan is working towards helping the solution seekers get personalised solutions.

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