Coronavirus Challenge


Finding a cure to treat Coronavirus is the biggest challenge being faced by every country.


The second biggest challenge that is being posed, is to contain the spread of virus to masses.


Building a robust system that can help to better monitor the spread of the virus, to help take decisions.

Srijan Sanchar is a leading organization in the field of innovation covering the entire continuum from creativity to entrepreneurship. It has launched several innovation challenges in the past. In view of the corona pandemic, Srijan Sanchar is launching an innovation challenge to facilitate crowdsourcing of problems and crowdsourcing of ideas solutions for ameliorating the current situation.

To contribute to the goal of fighting corona ‘SrijanSanchar’   proposes to organize an innovation challenge for different problem/opportunity areas of the pandemic. The challenge plans to crowdsource innovative and practical ideas from paramedics, caregivers, individuals, medical professionals, students, researchers, industry and institutions.

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Sanitisers availability and manufacturing
  • Open-source design, manufacturing, third party quality assurance of sanitisers.
  • Categorising the availability of sanitisers on basis of its effectiveness and segment of use.
  • Ways to validate the use of the sanitisers, hence manufactured in SHGs or village clusters, or through indigenious processes
Social Distancing
  • Ideas for creating, maintaining, monitoring  social distance   in closed /open spaces /offices /public  buildings
  • Social distancing in densely habited areas like  slums
Manufacturing life support machines
  • Open-source design, manufacturing, third party quality assurance of life support systems like ventilators.
  • Ideas for repurposing by modification/addition of existing available equipment, consumer durable to life support equipment/ventilator.
Monitoring the parameters
  • Monitoring including remote of indicative parameters like temperature etc for detecting the probability of corona.
  • Add on devices to monitor indicative parameters and obtaining patterns from aggregation on the cloud.
Logistical and ration support
  • Ideas for creating, maintaining,  monitoring social distances especially while the underprivileged seek access to disrupted supplies of food, medicine during the lockdown.
  • Low-cost Logistics
Health of medical and other staff members
  • Maintaining health and positivity of  caregivers, doctors, paramedics  and others at the front line of battle

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