Fly Ash


Our Objective

To achieve their goals for   GREEN ASHCON, Green Ash foundation and   ‘Srijan Sanchar’ propose to organize an innovation challenge for different problem/ opportunity areas of Fly Ash. The challenge plans to crowdsource innovative and practical ideas from individuals, students, researchers, industry and institutions. This would be one of the first of its kind innovation challenge for the area of Fly Ash.


Green Ashcon, Green Ash Foundation and Srijan Sanchar join hands for finding ways to utilise the Fly Ash, for solving various problems of the industry.

Srijan Sanchar

Innovation through creativity

Srijan Sanchar brings with it the full force of youth from Nagpur.

Green Ash Foundation

Knowledge Partner

Green Ash Foundation brings in the required knowledge for understanding the issue of Fly Ash.

Green Ashcon

Knowledge Partner

Green Ashcon also in the wisdom and functional knowledge for the challenge.

Next Steps...

You have a solution or an idea for the aforementioned challenge, then don't hesitate, apply for the challenge; share your idea with us.