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Jaipur is one of the fastest growing Tier-2 cities in India. The advantages the city holds in terms of geographical location and strategic importance are plenty. Jaipur’s economy is dominated by tourism, service and manufacturing industry. One of the world’s largest centres of Gemstone cutting and accounts for 80% share in gems and jewellery export of India. An international Heritage and Tourism destination.

Vision - To make Jaipur environmentally sustainable and self sufficient city, through innovation and design.

It is proposed to conduct an innovation challenge under the scheme Nagar Navrachana to crowdsource ideas and solution by citizen participation, industrial and academic institutions as the stakeholders for the sustainable growth of Jaipur.

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Promotion of innovation/startups

A strong ecosystem is required for motivating the start-ups and in order to give them creative space to think and brainstorm. The idea is facilitate development of products/solutions that will enable cost reduction, better quality of public services/products and improve reliability, giving a boost to indigenous development. Start-ups have a secret weapon -

  • Inherently innovative
  • Agile
  • Adaptive

The aim of the challenge is to build a strong eco-system for nurturing startups which will drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities in Jaipur  region. Ideas are requested.

Access to health and wellness

Last mile delivery of healthy services in India is still not at par, and requires to be extensively penetrated; to ensure deceleration of mortality rate. With government expenditure on health as a percentage of GDP falling over the years and the rise of private health care sector, the poor are left with fewer options than before to access health care services. There are multiple models that have been brought up from ground to a point where free/low-cost quality healthcare has been made possible. The requirement is come up with ideas/suggestions for increasing and improving the access of general public to quality health and wellness services, at an economical rates. Innovators may also suggest the ideas to replicate the success models of Sankara Nethralaya & Narayana Health in Jaipur.

Low cost mobility solutions

The local transportation is the lifeline of any urban area fulfilling the commuting needs of more than half of the population. It is the urgent need of the Jaipur   region to have means & modes of transport, ranging from metro trains, local trains, buses, taxis and cabs. Central idea of this challenge is to provide low cost mobility solutions for Jaipur  city, which are feasible, environment friendly and safe at the same time. Ideas are requested.

Design of products from Gems and Jewellery

This sector forms a crucial part of the Jaipur’s contribution towards Indian economy, especially in terms of earning through foreign exchange. “Winning the new age customers, without losing its traditional essence” is the growth vision for Jaipur’s gems & jewellery sector. The focus is to levitate ideas for accelerating the growth of gem and jewellery industry of Jaipur; with new methods and processes of manufacturing, development of  aesthetic designs, and positioning Jaipur on the global landscape as the hub of coloured gem manufacturing. Ideas are requested.

Leverage the heritage of Jaipur as a Brand for tourism

For cities, rich in cultural heritage and historical relevance, have tourism as one of the most promising drivers of growth for the city’s economy. Jaipur’s tourism industry is a powerhouse and one of the most important economic sectors of the city. Jaipur is set for taking a "giant leap forward“ in tourism industry. The motto is to seek ideas aimed at catalysing   innovation and entrepreneurship in the tourism industry sector.

Waste to Wealth

The consequences of the post-industrial development have had a massive impact on the environment. It widely accepted in cities, to impinge on areas well beyond their borders. As the world fast tracks to globalization, the magnitude of waste is increasing at a disturbing rate. While most people are aware of the effects of not recycling used materials, there is very less idea to execution translation. Upcycling and recycling won’t only help in reduction of waste, but also improve the sanitation index of the area. Conversion of the waste into wealth  has potential for recycling opportunities leading to job creation and reduction of waste. Ideas are requested.

Generating employment by skill enhancement

The idea is to accelerate the process of job creation in order to accommodate the increasing demand of employment opportunities in the region. The same will not only facilitate but also empower the growth of business, industry and economy. The focus is on coming out with innovative ideas that will help in setting up a process/mechanism in place for providing skill development opportunities to citizens of Jaipur. Ideas are requested.

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Srestha Jaipur

A society to be formed with members from Jaipur, societal entities under the guidance of Hon’ble MP of Jaipur for rejuvenation, sustainable development and project Jaipur on the global Map as a Centre for Excellence in various fields.