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Last date for application submission 30th June 2020




IntrCity RailYatri is a multi-modal intercity mobility platform, based in Delhi NCR, India. They are pioneers in innovations around inter-city mobility and are working on new innovations for post COVID travel.

Soliciting ideas for ensuring passenger health safety in all modes of public transport

Srijan Sanchar is launching a challenge to crowdsource ideas on passenger health safety in all modes of public transport, in association with CILT. It's also an initiative to support wellness entrepreneurs.

The challenge is also supported by IntrCity by and HFGL.

Award Money

First Prize

Award Money – ₹ 40,000/-

Second Prize

Award Money – ₹ 25,000/-

Consolation Prize*

Award Money – ₹ 2000/-

Last date for submission - 30th June 2020

Ideas for creating, maintaining, and monitoring social distance in public transport vehicles.

As we get back to the new normal lifecycle, hygience will be the new focus area for not only the travellers but also the service providers; government and transport authorities.

Given the quantum of passengers travelling on a daily basis using the public transport, how do we manage social distancing in that scenario?

Ideas for devices/systems/processes that can disinfect, sanitise, and eliminate the virus

Currently, across the globe all efforts are being poured in towards discovering ways to eliminate the virus and get humankind out of the current situation stronger than ever.

As we all strive to fight against this deadly disease, by doing our part, what could be the sustainable solution in eliminating the virus?

Third party quality assurance of the safety systems.

Government would need support of private players as well, as it prepares itself to combat the post covid-19 situation. One of the main areas of its focus would include ensuring quality standards.

Given the gravity of the situation, how does one ensure alignment with quality standards and requisites remotely?

Remote monitoring including of indicative parameters
  • Monitoring including remote of indicative parameters like temperature etc for detecting the probability of corona.
  • Add on devices to monitor indicative parameters and obtaining patterns from aggregation on the cloud.

Are there ways symptomatic parameters can be monitored for onboard passengers?

Isolation of an infected passenger when infection is detected onboard

We need to be aware of the fact, that we might get certain contained outbreaks even after new normal is taking its shape. As people would start commuting we might get certain incidents of new cases getting reported.

If such a case is reported in a public transport for that matter, what should be the immediate steps followed by co-passengers for safety of the population, and how to isolate them all?

Maintaining health and positivity of service providers in transport

Currently, the frontline workers we have are pouring in their heart and soul to ensure the safety of the nation's population. As we egress from the current situation, and we move towards the new normal, we will have people coming back to the public transports.

At that time, what should be the mandate for transport workers? How do we manage their health and ensure they are protected from the virus?

Srijan Sanchar is a leading organization in the field of innovation covering the entire continuum from creativity to entrepreneurship. It has launched several innovation challenges in the past. In view of the corona pandemic, Srijan Sanchar is launching an innovation challenge to facilitate crowdsourcing of problems and crowdsourcing of ideas solutions for ameliorating the current situation.

To contribute to the goal of fighting corona ‘SrijanSanchar’   proposes to organize an innovation challenge for different problem/opportunity areas of the pandemic. The challenge plans to crowdsource innovative and practical ideas from paramedics, caregivers, individuals, medical professionals, students, researchers, industry and institutions.

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IntrCity by is conscious of its responsibility for passenger safety has been developing strategies to ensure healthy travel to its passengers during Covid19. IntrCity is collaborating with SRIJAN SANCHAR to seek and implement ideas for further improving safety.

HFG is continuously innovating in the area of passenger safety and comfort. It is working with SRIJAN SANCHAR to identify potential solutions for overcoming threat from COVID 19 to passenger safety.

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CILT as an industry body is deliberating issues of importance to its members. Passenger health, safety is a key focus area of CILT. It has associated with SRIJAN SANCHAR to identify problem areas for crowdsourcing solutions