Vrindavan Mathura Challenges


Conserve the rich cultural heritage of the Indian history, and keep the soul of Mathura alive.


Sustainability is the key factor for growth of livelihood; build solutions to support it.


A unique platform to exchange your problem statement, and look for the solutions.


Promotion of innovations and start-ups!

Economic growth generation of employment opportunities is imperative to improve socio-economic conditions of Vrindavan Mathura region. Encouraging an ecosystem of entrepreneurship has the potential to accelerate the growth of the region. New ways of encouraging innovations, nurturing and promotion of start ups are required to empower Startups to grow. A focus of the challenge seeks ideas for building a strong eco-system for Start ups and encouraging.

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Employment Creation through market oriented Skill Development
  • It is imperative for Vrindavan Mathura to speed up job creation to give the much needed push to economic growth, in Vrindavan Mathura region. Requirement of services are increasing with increasing population and rapidly evolving and needs. Skilled workforce can simultaneously meet the needs of services and solve the problem of inadequate employment opportunities.
  • Focus of the challenge is to seek innovative ideas to set up a mechanism for providing skill development opportunities to leading to creation of employment in Mathura Vrindavan region.
Develop Vrindavan Mathura as Spiritual and Religious Tourism Hub
  • Tourism is one of the most promising drivers of growth for the economy. Vrindavan Mathura tourism industry is a powerhouse and one of the most important economic sectors  of the city. vrindavan Mathura have potential to become hub of Spiritual and Religious Tourism .
  • Focus of is to seek  ideas aimed  at catalysing   innovation and entrepreneurship in the tourism industry sector , to address the challenges and ,leveraging opportunities in tourism sector  to improve social and economic well being.
Low cost mobility solutions
  • Transportation is the lifeline of any city  enabling flow of goods and mobility of people . Legacy structure of cities  and combined with rapid growth of personalized transport cars is leading to congestion , pollution and unsafe  travel .
  • Focus of this challenge  is to seek ideas for feasible low cost mobility solutions   that are fast, environment friendly and safe .
Health and Wellness for All
  • Health and  wellness are one of the most important  factor for happiness .However cost of  curative medicine is constantly increasing  making modern health care out of bound for most of  the citizens .
  • Focus   of the challenge is to invite ideas/suggestions for increasing and improving the access of general public to best quality health and wellness services, at the affordable  cost in Vrindavan Mathura.
Develop value added products from flowers offered in temples
  • Flowers in the temples are used as an offering after which they become waste. In cities increase in the number of celebrations and festivities have led to an increase in flower waste.
  • Various value added products like natural dyes for dyeing, natural colorants for food and drugs, herbal powder as Holi colors, natural paints and natural repellants for bugs have been developed from flower waste.
  • Focus of the challenge is to seek many more  Ideas for creating value-added products from waste flowers.

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Srestha Vrindavan Mathura

A society to be formed with members from Vrindavan and Mathura societal entities under the guidance of Hon'ble MP for rejuvenation, sustainable development and project Vrindavan Mathura on the global Map as a Centre for Excellence in various fields.