About Us

Srijan Sanchar inspired by the vision “Innovations Are Ideas in Action” is a leading organization in the field of innovation covering the entire continuum from creativity to entrepreneurship.  Srijan Sanchar is leader  in Industry academia collaboration . Srijan Sanchar is working with a number of industries to upgrade their  research and design capability through collaboration with appropriate academia. 

Democratizing innovation

With firm belief that ideas can make a difference Srijan Sanchar is now empowering everyone with the capabilities of crowd sourcing . Using the Innovation infrastructure of Srijan Sanchar any can leverage from wisdom of the crowds by seeking ideas from the anyone and everyone . The full power ideas management system from framing a challenge , inviting solutions , spreading the word , evaluating the ideas , rewarding good ideas to building enterprises based on those ideas through start up is now available to , corporates , msmes , colleges , government bodies , industry associations and individuals .

Redefining Geography of Innovation

Srijan Sanchar is involved in developing future vision for cities like Meerut , Gwalior , Varanasi and others through large scale interactive process using the framework of One Cluster One Focus .

Spreading the word

In order to deepen understanding of the innovation ecosystem Srijan Sanchar has  pioneered spreading knowledge of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, amongst stakeholders. Srijan Sanchar has devised  structured  inputs  through innovative and effective pedagogy. Srijan Sanchar has conducted hundreds workshops on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship  and incubation in multiple institutions, research organizations, Universities,  industries, government departments,  schools etc. Its Unique methodology is based on active learning states and encompasses a number of techniques like visualization, autoethnography, modeling, modular origami, movement, dance, sketching, optical illusions, music enabled learning , use of artifacts and role play. Srijan Sanchar has developed the technique of Multiple Perspectives through Multiple Analogy

About Us